What is LTE? (Typical alternative if no Fibre is available in your Region)

LTE is a mobile broadband technology that uses radio spectrum to provide wireless Internet access.

What speeds do you get with LTE Rain?

Speed is dependent on the location of the connecting router in the area, and depends on how many people in the area are connected at the same time to the network, and how many devices are in use at the same time.

Why choose Smart Communication’s LTE Rain Solutions?

Affordable, self-installed in-home connectivity without any fixed line installation needed, and a solution for those who don’t have access to ADSL or Fibre to the home connectivity because of lack of infrastructure in the area that you live.

LTE Rain Benefits:

  • LTE products are hard Capped which means when you exceed data usage you purchase a “booster”
  • Quick connectivity without installation process that is required for ADSL and Fibre
  • Use LTE in areas where copper lines are frequently stolen
  • If you are renting and don’t have permission for fixed line connectivity
  • Using a router anywhere on the premises and not only at a fixed specific point.
LTE Booster Options?

Smart Communication LTE Rain and Cell C LTE products are hard capped, which means that when you run out of data you need to purchase a Booster to continue browsing. This cost can be added to your monthly billing.

There are a range LTE of options to suit your needs:

1GB – R11
2GB – R21
3GB – R33
5GB – R54
10GB – R108
20GB – R216

LTE Price List Effective 1 September 2018
Product Package Size Selling Price

LTE-A Rain 25 Gig 295
LTE-A Rain 55 Gig 549
LTE-A Rain 85 Gig 795
LTE-A Rain 120 Gig 995
LTE-A Rain 220 Gig 1295
LTE-A Rain 330 Gig 1495

LTE Router * Per month 175

Product Package Size Selling Price

Cell C LTE-A 20 Gig 215
Cell C LTE-A 50 Gig 350
Cell C LTE-A 100 Gig 530
Cell C LTE-A 200 Gig 845

LTE Router * Per month 175

* LTE router is a rent to buy over 12 months & contract must be entered into
All prices Exclude VAT

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