network cabinets


Thanks to the digital revolution, we are experiencing a disruption of traditional business models. Vast, siloed corporate structures are giving way to highly agile enterprises, no longer confined by geography, that is built to respond quickly to fast-changing markets. Networks must be equally responsive. In this time of business transition, future-proofing is a priority.

Today’s enterprise networks are not driving enough business value in the modern economy to drive business value, all IT resources must support dynamic business requirements such as expansion into new locales - including the network.

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network cabinet

UltraLAN wall mount cabinets are a great cost-effective solution for smaller networking installations or where space is limited, for example in retail shops, small offices, or school environments. Due to the smaller size and the cabinet being wall mountable, installers can save floor space in constricting areas.

The cabinets have toolless removable side panels for easy access, along with venting slots and space for mounting two fans to keep your equipment cool. These cabinets are powder coated with paint for longer life spans & scratch resistance. They are also pre-assembled, saving you time and effort. The mounting rails are rack numbered, allowing for easier alignment and equipment installation within the cabinet. A glass door with viewing window also allows all items installed in the cabinet to be clearly and easily seen at all times.

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network cable


  • CAT5e category 5 Ethernet Lan Network Cable
  • Perfect for wiring your router to any device which is capable of receiving an internet connection for a constant and trusted feed
  • Simple to use, push down on the clip to either put in or pull out the cable into the RJ45 socket
  • This cable can be used on all RJ45 sockets, this includes your household gadgets, like computers, laptops, games consoles, wireless printers and some tablets

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uninterrupted power supply

POWERCOM RPT Line Interactive UPS series, provide simulated sine wave output for connected application is the best choice for Office, SOHO and Home application. RPT series UPS retain compact size offer more room to the operating environment. RPT series UPS come with easy-reading LED/ LCD display, Advanced Battery Management, Green Power saving design for UPS status deliver and UPS power saving. POWERCOM RPT Line Interactive series build in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) stabilize fluctuated voltage including over-voltage, under-voltage and other voltage problem, and output with stable output voltage to the essential equipment. POWERCOM RPT series compacted design and multi-working function carry on the duty for computer and small server protection.


  • Line-Interactive UPS design
  • Build-in AVR aimed for fluctuating voltage problem
  • Simulated Sinewave output suitable for office appliances
  • LED / LCD display for Instant Status Indication
  • Auto self-diagnose and alarm warnings
  • Surge, short circuit, overload protections
  • RPT - 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1025 / 1500 / 2000VA

*Equipment remains property of Smart Communication

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Make sure your network adds value to your business. Smart WAN from SmartCommunication is a unified, virtual WAN and network function solution as agile as your enterprise