value added

We provide detailed, itemised quotations that are prepared by our qualified consultants either on site or via email. This allows for complete transparency on services quoted on.

Our technical engineers travel within and around Cape Town and Gauteng areas. Should site inspections be required in outlying areas, there may be a small service fee, which will be included in the quotation.

This service is perfect for drivers or sales people who need the office to contact them on their cell phones without incurring cell charges. The number is programmed to ring twice and cut off, so the Switchboard then knows to call that number back.

You have the facility to view the phone number on all incoming calls.

Personal logins and real-time call monitoring for all inbound and outbound lines and extensions.

This service allows for incoming calls to be redirected to specified numbers over specified time periods (e.g. after hours, over lunch, on the road).

The system can be set up for free internal calls between extensions, even for multiple premises, and on a national inter-branch level.

This service records and stores actual conversations that can be accessed at a later stage according to date and time. Often needed when agreements or meetings are confirmed verbally. It is also essential for any FSP.

This functionality allows for incoming calls to go to a pre-recorded answering message when unavailable (this is also for departmental transfers e.g. sales press 1 etc.)

In addition we offer pin code dialing and international/specified call blocking.

Our technical team has a 365 day roster for support and trouble shooting. Troubleshooting can be completed remotely or on-site.

Hardware provided on a rental option has a guarantee for the duration of the contract for any technical faults. Although rare, hardware will be swopped out immediately should any technical issues arise (human error is excluded).

Smart Communication is a leading provider of innovative, and efficient fax to email technology. We ensure easy setup, instantaneous communication, private and secure fax to email solution. Fax to email technology has revolutionised the traditional paper trail of fax communication. No need for concerns of confidential faxes sent between departments and branches. Send and receive fax to emails from your desktop or mobile device. Smart Communication provides a unique number that will communicate directly to your email address.


  • All faxes are billed per second (this means that if the fax transmission time = 30 seconds you are billed for 30 seconds)
  • Lowest fax to email rates
  • Archive all faxed emails for sent and received
  • Save up to 40% of your monthly fax bill
  • No more multiple fixed line costs
  • Eliminate cumbersome fax machines
  • No repairs or maintenance
  • Manage secure and personal documentation directly from your private email account
  • No more shared communication
  • Print on demand

As a leading South African telecommunications specialist of hosted VoIP solutions, we are able to offer technical support remotely and on-site, 24 / 7 / 365