Cloud PBX system means no more expensive and redundant onsite technology. SmartCommunication is a specialised VoIP provider. Hosting IP-PBX telephony and deployment of all the technology required to provide PBX cloud services to your business through our onsite virtual server location. Major financial benefits of a hosted IP-PBX cloud services is that as a business you no longer have the financial burden of purchasing equipment that becomes redundant, and you enjoy the benefits of significantly reduced CAPEX expenditure.


  • No additional installation costs
  • Minimal on-site support needed
  • Little to no maintenance costs
  • Jointly with our business partner, we maintain and upgrade equipment on an ongoing basis, and this includes the cost of maintenance
  • Reduced capex expenditure
  • Reduced call rates of up to 40% with packages that vary in bundled minutes and other services
  • Reliability and redundancy
  • All phone numbers are portable, no need to request new or transfer telephone numbers
  • Cost and complexity when relocating a business is significantly reduced through cloud PBX
  • Maximum flexibility, scaleable technology both off and on-site, to upgrade or downsize
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Superior voice quality with Virtual PBX, you don’t have to worry
  • Virtual PBX gives businesses a leading edge advantage
  • Offering future-proof technology
  • Saving you time and costs of replacement and maintenance that your traditional PBX would require

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VoIP is an IP network that carries IP telephony voice calls as a priority, instead of going through a standard telephone line, your calls are transferred through the SIP server network. Historically this was a problem due to latency issues which have subsequently been resolved with state of the art and fibre technology.

  • Limitless capacity – no constraints of physical number of lines
  • Flexibility and scalability with growth, using Smart Communication as your SIP Provider allows for instant adaptability
  • Cost savings – IP telephony typically offer as much as 40% savings
  • Resilience – SIP server networks offer high levels of resilience and redundancy
  • Combined voice and data connectivity

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A VoIP softphone is a program that installs to and runs from your computer. A VoIP softphone enables you to make calls with just your computer using a VoIP service.

At Smart Communication we make use of Grandstream. This enables users to move freely and continue to receive calls from any business or residential SIP account. The Grandstream Wave is a free softphone application that allows users to connect to their SIP accounts from anywhere in the world. Utilize on any AndroidTM or iOS device to increase mobility and stay connected to essential communications.

Download: VoIP Softphone Datasheet

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a typical VOIP

voip diagram
voip diagram mobile

As a leading South African telecommunications specialist of hosted VoIP solutions, we are able to offer technical support remotely and on-site, 24 / 7 / 365