Don’t let Load Shedding Affect your Business

Keep your Business Running for as little as R150pm
with a UPS Power Supply

Powercom RAPTOR 1000VA UPS Power Supply

RAPTOR is a Line Interactive Step-Wave UPS that protects your devices from power interruptions.
The 1000AP model features RJ45 ports with Surge Suppression as well as a USB port to interface with a computer. Monitoring software (UPSMon) is included.
The automatic voltage regulator shields your equipment from a number of disturbances and reduces to a minimum battery usage.

UPS Power Supply Key Features:

  • The UPS of the RAPTOR Series grants protection against power disturbances
  • Enhances the life of the batteries and maximizes the available autonomy
  • Perfect for IT devices
  • Equipped with microchip control, USB port and LAN/FAX protection


  • Ideal for Small to Medium Enterprises.
  • Built-in automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
  • Simulated sine wave output waveforms
  • Advanced green mode for energy saving and user friendly settings
  • Automatic self-diagnostic and alarm warnings
  • Surge, short circuit, and overload protections
  • Discharge and overcharge protection

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